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Termaks varmeskabe/sterilisatorer levereres i fem forskellige størrelser fra 24 liter til 430 liter.

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  • Preferred way to shut down the chamber. Keeps the real time clock running.
  • Turns off Heaters, Fan and Display.
  • Press the Standby Key for about 3 seconds until the backlight in the display turns off.
  • The Standby LED turns on when the key is released.
  • The chamber can be restarted by pressing the Standby Key for 3 seconds.
  • The right display will show  Wait… for a moment during initialization.



  • A potential free contact is available for external use (see drawing Main Switch and External Connections).
  • The output switches when an alarm situation occurs, one minute delayed.
  • Switches immediately at power failure.
  • Immediate return to normal when the alarm situation is over.



  • A number of alarm situations may occur, listed below.
  • Actual warning is given in the lower line of the left display.
  • The backlight starts flashing and the buzzer starts sounding whenever an alarm occur.
  • The flashing and the sound can be stopped by pressing the Standby Key.



  • Automatic system, preventing risky temperatures in the case of a controller failure.
  • Completely independent from the ordinary temperature control system
  • Automatically adjusted whenever a new Temperature Set is entered
  • Adjustable limit (offset from target)
  • Cuts power to the heaters when the limit is exceeded
  • Generates an alarm warning
  • Turns to normal when the temperature has dropped 0.5°∆C below the limit



Two calibration constants can be adjusted in order to bring the temperature measurement equal to the true value according to a control device.




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